Dear friend,

The moment after we became engaged, we knew that wherever our future children were they must have been very excited. Their parents, despite some pretty tough odds, had decided to create a place of love and security for them and it would only be a matter of time before we would all be together. Now, more than ten years later, we find ourselves writing to you because we are anxious to meet those special souls we felt so close to us on that day and add them to our little circle. We can only imagine how overwhelming this time must be for you, which makes us doubly grateful for your consideration. As you move forward towards determining the future course for your baby and yourself we know that whatever your decision is, it is made out of love and maturity and pray you will find comfort and peace in it.

Adoption has already blessed our lives. Bethany’s cousin was placed with her aunt and uncle at birth. He has added humor and insight to our family in ways we could never have expected. In fact, we laugh that our family had to go outside the gene pool to find the favorite grandchild! Both of our families are thrilled about the prospect of adding to our family through adoption.

During our engagement in England

After two years of being friends in Nathan’s home country of England where we were both students, our courtship was conducted almost exclusively over all-night phone calls and internet chats when Bethany returned to Arizona. After a few months of this we realized a wedding would cost less than our phone bills, so on September 19, 2002 we were married in San Diego.The third member of our family is our beloved dog, Mulligan. He is a Black Lab with the most gentle heart. He loves his daily walks and trips to the park, and is a champion sock-stealer and cuddler. He adores children and if he is not at family gatherings we risk the wrath of nieces and nephews who want to know where “Uncle Mulligan” is.

Bethany’s family.

Bethany comes from a very happy family now spread throughout Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Washington. When they get together for holidays and special occasions they love to discuss current events and politics, watch corny movies late at night and sing four-part harmony while Bethany plays the piano. Her extended family is also very important to her. Bethany has been in charge of the last three of her family reunions and has special relationships with her aunts, uncles, and cousins.

The Jones family together at Nathan's brother's wedding

The Jones family together at Nathan’s brother’s wedding

Nathan is the third of four children with two sisters and one brother. Most of his family is still in England, while his brother lives in Canada. Despite the long distances between us, we are fortunate to be able to spend a good amount of time together. We have vacationed together in France, Canada, and across the US. We also figure any niece or nephew who is willing to travel that far deserves a trip to Disneyland! Nathan’s family loves to explore the English countryside, play games, and perform music together.

About Nathan (By Bethany) Nathan is a rabid Manchester United fan, but he loves pretty much every kind of sport. He loves to play the guitar and work up duets for us to sing together. He spent two years living in France where he learned the language and grew a love of travel. Our refrigerator is covered with the graduation announcements of all the youth he has worked with in our church and he always makes time to see them when they are back in town. His desire to do charitable work has led to a position on the board of a local charity which serves to help create opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Enjoying a hike together.

Nathan is my hero. He is funny, ambitious, and incredibly intelligent but above all he is kind. He has an amazing ability to make anyone feel as if they are the most important person in the world. His friends range in age from toddlers to the elderly and he never misses an opportunity to make a new one. He is the kind of man who people call late at night when they need help because they know he will come. Throughout our marriage he has been nothing but supportive and encouraging. I am a lucky woman to have him as my husband and I look forward to seeing what an amazing father he will be.

About Bethany (by Nathan) When I met Bethany in London over 12 years ago I did not know then that she would become the love of my life but she has. Not only is she the smartest person that I know, but she is also the most fiercely loyal and generous wife anyone could have.

Bethany loves the arts and creativity of all kinds. She comes from a very musically talented family, and as such she has been singing and loving music her whole life. Some of her favorite childhood memories are when her mom was gone and her dad used put on some of his records at full blast while Bethany and her sister and brothers would have their own dance party. Bethany is a voracious reader. At any time, her bedside table will have half a dozen books that she is reading and discussing with friends and family. She also enjoys attending the theater where we have season tickets. Bethany has lived in five countries and visited many more. She loves learning and has made sure to get as much education as possible completing her bachelor and graduate degree in business.

You can almost see Niagara Falls back there!
You can almost see Niagara Falls back there!

Bethany loves children, and they love her. Throughout our marriage Bethany has taught the little children songs for them to sing at home and in our church meetings. I love to watch the children’s choir perform and see their excitement as they all work so hard to do a good job for Bethany. Our nieces and nephews all love their Aunt Bethany, and she always seems to know how to make them feel special and loved. Bethany will be the most wonderful mother to whatever child is blessed to have her.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read about us. We hope you now have a better picture of who we are. Whether you decide we are the best family for your plans or not, know that we will always wish you the best and are honored by your consideration.

Best wishes,

Nathan and Bethany